ClickMeeting Review

Why ClickMeeting?
ClickMeeting is our top choice for video conference systems for businesses because it blends diverse features, high-quality audio and video, and ease of use without the headache of integrating a complex or unwieldy system. Because of its user-friendly interface, training for your employees should be minimal. There’s also a 30-day free trial available, so your staff can take it out for a spin before you commit to buying.

ClickMeeting offers a wide array of features essential to businesses in a video conferencing system. There are different pricing plans, some of which have additional uses. Here are some of the features available in every plan.

Add-ons: Even if you’re not interested in all the bells and whistles, you can purchase specific expansions such as extra seats in a conference, additional presenters and more recording capacity.
App integration: ClickMeeting allows you to integrate with multiple applications such as Adobe, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn and Office 2016.
Chat text translations: ClickMeeting includes 52 languages that can be used to translate chat text in real time. This is a useful feature for companies that regularly work with international partners.
Customized invitations: Create custom email invitations that can be tailored to match your brand’s color scheme. This includes agendas and webinar objectives, as well as a registration button for participants.
Interoperability: ClickMeeting is interoperable with virtually any other video conference platforms.
Polls and surveys: Users can create polls or surveys for the audience so presenters can gain feedback or insights about the topic at hand. The information could be used to determine a specific course of action, delegate responsibilities or simply solicit feedback to improve future webinars. You can choose single choice, multiple choice and open-ended formats.
Private chat: ClickMeeting supports one-on-one direct messages during conferences.
Screen sharing: Whether you need to walk colleagues through presentations and files or you’re training new employees or clients on how to use the system, the ability to share your screen – or remotely command another user’s – often comes in handy.
Social media sharing: Are you trying to cast a wide net with your video conference? Share your room with your social networks and expand your reach.
Subaccounts: This enables you to grant other users access to a specific account. All users have their own separate storage space and available recording time, as well as their own unique login credentials.
Waiting room with agenda: While participants wait to enter a meeting, they can view a waiting room screen that includes the agenda for the meeting, additional information about the presenter or more details about the organization’s objectives.
Webinar timelines: This timeline of your webinars and events allows you to review your past use of ClickMeeting. It also lets you dive deeper with a fuller examination of statistics and a report-generation tool to focus on a particular topic or trend. Timelines also allow you to duplicate past events in case an upcoming conference will use a similar format.
Webinar rebranding: You can add logos and alter color schemes to match the conference room’s appearance to your own brand, making ClickMeeting an extension of your organization.
Webinar recording: Recording allows you to archive previous conferences, meetings and presentations for future review. Use them for training material, allow absent employees to catch up on their own time, or revisit for the purposes of modifying your strategic objectives.
Whiteboard: This built-in collaboration tool allows users to draw and write to one another to facilitate brainstorming and innovative thinking.
ClickMeeting’s interface is intuitive, simple to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek dashboard doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming. Scheduling meetings, reviewing statistics, creating a conference room and connecting with other users is simple and straightforward, and requires minimal training.