How to Choose Marketing Automation Software

Marketing and advertising often make up a sizable chunk of a business’s budget, but it’s usually difficult to judge how effective each advertising dollar truly is at generating more business. Luckily, marketing automation platforms not only make the task of reaching potential customers and generating leads easier, but they help narrow the search to the most likely and most lucrative customers.

Marketing automation is more than simple email campaigns and click-through reports. These platforms also work with social media, website visits, digital advertisements and oftentimes integrate with CRMs to optimize your customer outreach and lead generation. The best services are highly customizable, allowing users to set automated functions depending on how the potential customer interacts with the initial marketing material, company website or social media accounts.

The right marketing automation platform can save your business time, money and increase your conversion rates. Our guide can help you better understand the benefits of marketing automation and how to choose the platform that best suits your business.

Marketing automation 101
Marketing automation isn’t just about making the sale; it’s also about engaging potential customers on every step of their journey to becoming a buyer, then re-engaging them to encourage repeat business.

Jenay Sellers, director of marketing for Brandfolder, said marketing automation works by helping you identify patterns in behavior that lead to purchase. You can set up workflows to nurture clients who are making a buying decision, onboarding or renewing. For example, Sellers said, one of Brandfolder’s automated sequences sends a targeted email to prospects who download two or more pieces of the company’s content. Once this indication that the lead is interested in their services has been made, the software takes over and executes a preconfigured workflow to encourage the lead to take the next step closer to conversion.

Therein lies the key to marketing automation: It’s all about nurturing leads and encouraging them to take a closer look. This can be done with targeted email campaigns like Brandfolder’s, specific discount offers, social engagement and so on. Most marketing automation platforms give users a lot of latitude in determining exactly how they want to execute their strategies.
A holistic approach
Most people won’t be prepared to purchase your goods or services on first contact. Some won’t even be aware of your company or what it is you do. Giving them an opportunity to become acquainted with your brand through a series of interactions first is better than shoving a blatant advertisement in their face.