InTouch GPS Review

Our 2018 research and analysis of GPS fleet tracking software leads us to again recommend InTouch GPS as the best GPS fleet tracking software for small businesses. We chose InTouch GPS from dozens of GPS fleet-tracking software options. To understand how we chose InTouch GPS, you can find our methodology and a list of GPS fleet-tracking software vendors on our best picks page.

Why InTouch GPS?
InTouch GPS is our top pick for the best GPS fleet-tracking software for small business because it offers the best pricing, is easy to use and comes with a ton of time-saving features that simplify monitoring vehicles and drivers.

InTouch GPS costs $23.95 per month and comes with free hardware. There are also no long-term contracts or minimum number of vehicles, making it an excellent choice for small businesses.There are no installation fees, maintenance fees or other hidden costs, and pricing includes U.S.-based phone support.

Best price
Most GPS fleet-tracking software products aren’t cheap. In addition to monthly service fees, many vendors charge extra for certain features, setup and even customer support. Some vendors are also resellers that mark up the software, piling on fees and additional charges. InTouch GPS, however, is a direct seller that offers transparent, affordable pricing that won’t break the small business budget.

We like that InTouch GPS has a flat monthly fee of $23.95 per month. This means there are no installation fees, maintenance fees or other hidden costs, and includes phone support. Even better, InTouch GPS doesn’t require any long-term contracts, which earns them major bonus points from us. Unlike many of its competitors, InTouch GPS won’t force you into a multiyear service (some vendors lock you down for up to five years!) that includes hefty early-termination and restocking fees. We also like that there is a money-back guarantee with its 30-day free trial, which also doesn’t have any restocking fees.

What we’re not a fan of is the one-time $20 hardware activation fee, and that InTouch GPS requires first and last month’s payment upfront. Nonetheless, we like that InTouch GPS makes this information clear and doesn’t bury it in the fine print, so there won’t be any surprises when you get your bill.
Ease of use
Of the GPS fleet-tracking software we considered, InTouch GPS has one of the easiest user interfaces around. This is because it uses a very simple menu system that organizes each section into easily recognizable tabs: Locations, Dashboard, Reports, Drivers, Maintenance and Scorecard. This makes it easy to navigate the software and quickly get to the function you need.