The Evolution of Business Technology

Technology has spurred human advancement for centuries. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in business. The economic and business implications from advancing technologies have resulted in substantial societal change, from the iPhone to the Telegraph.

Appreciating technology means examining the past to understand where we came from. The people interpreting Morse code in 1870 are the same as we are today – they used technology to change lives and build the U.S. on the backs of business and enterprise. The only thing they were missing was the smartphone.

Our relationship with technology has changed drastically within the last decade, and with new and exciting tech on the horizon, looking at our journey up until this point will illuminate some of the challenges that lie ahead.
In its infancy, social media seemed like the latest way for people to connect, revolutionizing communication across the globe. As it developed in the mid-2000s, it proved to be a useful business tool as well.

Much like the smartphone, social media became another platform for businesses and technology companies to connect with users and market products. This eventually led to the emergence of companies that market only on social media. Glossier, a beauty and cosmetics startup, is the latest example of a company that markets via user-generated content on social media.
The telegraph started the telecommunications revolution in America back in the mid-19th century. Samuel Morse worked on the telegraph and sent the first telegram from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore in 1844.

The impact the telegraph had on business is immeasurable – it allowed for instantaneous communication between points hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It helped usher in the railroad in America, which allowed for the transportation of goods, services and people across the nation.
Like the telegraph, the telephone acted as another way communication revolutionized the way people lived, worked and interacted with each other.

Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876. The technology allowed for easy, cheap communication across large regions of the U.S. It also revolutionized the way businesses communicated forever.
The smartphone melds both the laptop and the mobile phone – workers could communicate from anywhere, contribute on company-based platforms like email or messaging apps, and finish work wherever they were. The smartphone also ushered in another wave of consumer culture. The technology industry, spurred in the past by the computer, laptop, and mobile phone, now had a new opportunity to create programs and market products.
3D printing is the latest major tech development to impact business. The 3D printing process has been around since the late 1980s, but it is poised for tremendous growth and could change the way businesses manufacture and develop hardware.

It’s expected that 3D printing will impact different types of business like the automotive, aviation and machinery industries. This technology is expected to continue to have a major impact on American business and could change the way some companies operate.