TimeClock Plus Review

Why TimeClock Plus?
TimeClock Plus is a cloud-based system available in multiple service plans. It includes a multitude of features and works with a variety of time clocks. Depending on the service plan selected, TimeClock Plus costs $24 or $36 per employee, per year.

Multiple Service Plans
What makes TimeClock Plus so appealing is it offers businesses several service plans to choose from: Express, Standard and Professional. Each plan differs by cost and the number of features and tools it includes.

The Express plan, which is limited in how it operates, is offered only to businesses with fewer than 20 employees. The two other plans can be used in organizations of any size.

Among the features and tools available in all plans are web-based clock operations, basic overtime calculations, views of employee status and hours, automatic punch rounding, and automatic logoff.

Additional features offered in both the Standard and Professional plans are employee time-sheet entry, employee and manager approvals, time clock compatibility, mobile apps, simple scheduling, accruals, and messaging.

Features and tools available only to Professional plan users are advanced scheduling, time-off request management, clock restrictions, advanced overtime, mass scheduling and automated reports, exports, and notifications. You can see a complete breakdown of all the plans on the TimeClock Plus website.
Time Tracking
Depending on the service plan you choose, TimeClock Plus can handle some or all of your time-tracking needs. While the Express plan focuses on recording when employees come and go each day, the Standard and Professional plans also include scheduling and time-off management capabilities.

There are several ways that TimeClock Plus tracks when employees start and end their days. Express users clock in and out via a computer, while Standard and Professional plan users can also use a mobile app or time clock. Businesses have the choice of PIN entry, card reader or biometric time clocks. The biometric time clocks use either fingerprint or hand scans to ensure employees aren’t clocking in and out for any of their peers. Additionally, Professional plan users can clock in and out from a telephone.
For what it offers, TimeClock Plus is one of the most affordable time and attendance systems we found during our research.

TimeClock Plus charges yearly fees for each employee. The prices of each plan are as follows:

Standard: $24 per employee, per year
Professional: $36 per employee, per year
The per-employee fee raises by 50 to 75 cents per month for businesses that would rather pay on a monthly basis.

In addition to the monthly charge, there is a one-time setup fee for the Standard and Professional plans. This fee is $100 for the Standard plan and $200 for the Professional. One hour of training is included in the cost of the Professional plan setup fee.

The only other cost is for the time clocks. The company offers a range of time clock options that cost between $1,000 and $2,400.

Ease of Use
TimeClock Plus is a cloud-based system that requires no software to be installed or maintained. The system, which is simple to use, is accessible online from anywhere.

The online portal has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate. Upon logging in, managers are taken to a dashboard that highlights all the tasks that need attention, including time sheets that need approval, which employees are approaching overtime, which employees forgot to punch in or out, and any pending time-off requests. We like that all of these details are front and center.