What Mattress Reviews Have To Say About Choosing A Quality Mattress

Reading online reviews is one of the best ways to do research before purchasing a new mattress. The experiences of others can help the mattress buyer figure out what type of mattress will best suit his or her particular needs. The following are some tips gleaned from various mattress reviews that can help buyers make the right decision.

Shop At A Mattress Store

Many customers find that the best place to shop for a mattress is a mattress store rather than a furniture store. A store that specializes in mattresses will have staff members who are trained to provide useful guidance. Most mattress stores sell a range of brands, and they’re usually able to find the particular features that shoppers are looking for.

Consider Health Issues

Many people need a particular type of mattress due to a health condition, such as back pain, circulation problems, or acid reflux, and a doctor can often provide a recommendation. An adjustable bed that allows users to elevate their head and legs can sometimes provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. A person who spends a lot of time in bed may be susceptible to bed sores and should definitely consider an air mattress that can alternate pressure points.

Don’t Assume Firm Is Always Best

It’s a common belief that the firmer the mattress is the better it is for the back. However, experts say this is a myth. As people age, they need a combination of gentleness and support. Too much pressure can cause pain and even bedsores. Many customers find that memory foam mattresses provide the right balance, and others recommend air mattresses with adjustable firmness.

Try It Out

Reviewers recommend lying down on a mattress for at least fifteen minutes to get a good idea of how it feels. In addition, many mattress companies allow customers to try out the mattress at home for a 30-day trial period with the right to return it if they are not satisfied.

People who invest in a good mattress will also want to protect it with a waterproof mattress protector. A good cover should be breathable but moisture-proof to protect the mattress from stains, which could void the warranty.